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Richard Palmer
Delia Palmer

Delia and I are blessed to have experienced the love and enjoyed the support of a fellowship of believers who are not afraid to let go and let God.


Since May 13, 2018, we have trusted God to direct our path as leaders of His people in this local congregation.  We value diversity and embrace the priesthood of all believers.  We are all called to serve each other and to prefer others better than ourselves.  In so doing, we are witnesses to the grace of God and channels of His blessings.


We invite you to join us every Saturday morning at 11am for our main worship service.  You can also visit our Facebook page and be encouraged through this link www.facebook.com/access.hamilton.


Our prayer is that we remain a source of encouragement to all who we serve in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Richard & Delia