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Who is Access?

The name Access reflects the five universal purposes of the church as reflected in Scripture.  We are an Adoring, Caring Community to Edify, Serve & Share.


Our vision is simply to LOVE GOD! LOVE PEOPLE!  Life on earth is meant to mature us into the 

image of Jesus Christ.  In this context, our relationships are the most important legacy we leave 

for the generations to follow.  Our relationship with God (to love Him) and our relationship with 

others (to love people as Jesus Christ would).  This is our lifelong journey as a congregation and 

we are learning to love God better and love each other deeper.


Our main worship service is on Saturday morning at 11am.  This reflects our best understanding 

of Scripture to rest on the seventh day from our labor and declare the glory of God.  The 

seventh day Sabbath is God’s design to give rest to a restless world.  God established the 

seventh day Sabbath from creation and Scripture provides no evidence of a change in God’s 

design for human restlessness.